"There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion" Francis Bacon 1561-1626

Me and the Bees

Bees! ... Yes I LOVE my bees
I have drawn and painted many of them and studied their fascinating lives.
Am the daughter of a beekeeper and  I am a wild bee rehoming centre in the village.
My garden is stuffed with bee plants and I am an all round unashamed Bee champion. What's not to love about bees??

I have a particular interest in the conservation of wild bees and to that end developed my small travelling  BUZZ exhibition which showcases 24 British Wild Bees and their flowers.
Venues for the show have included Lumen Gallery London, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Easton Walled Gardens, Yewbarrow House and Nature in Art Gallery in Gloucestershire where I have had  two Art Residencies.
I also give talks about the bees and their flowers... believe me it is fascinating!!

You can see my prints, cards etc for sale here http://buzzbooknprints.blogspot.com/ email me with any queries and for sale details. Val.littlewood@gmail.com

"BUZZ" is also available from Blurb : but the shipping is very expensive!

For more info about UK bees see the links below.

Bumblebee.org  All about Bumble Bees.. a really lovely site with lots of info and humour!

The Bees Wasps Ants Recording Society. Lots of info.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust   
Just what it says.. with projects to save the Shrill Carder Bee, and reintroduce the Short Haired Bumble Bee,  amongst others.

Buglife  www. buglife.org  bugs and conservation !